I have some old, Kodak Azo that I want to enlarge on, but I am concerned that using a 300w bulb, in the D's lamp-house might cause issues with the bellows. I also could try with an E model, but there I'd have to fit a spare D housing or rig a work dome as a light source.

On-time's will be short, as most of the Azo I have is a touch over 5x7in. and I might have to actually put some 1.2 ND theatre gels above the negatives, for long enough exposures.

I could really use some guidance here, as I don't feel I have a good enough hand on the designs and use of DIY purpose-built reflective enlargers.

It may well be, that this paper will end up as an alternative printing ground, due to fog issues and how much BZT I can add to Ansco 130 or Amidol, but I'd like to try the enlarger set-up, even with new Azo papers.