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    Jobo Processor

    Can anyone help me find a dealer in the US or Canada that sells small parts (switches) by mail order for the Jobo CPA Processor. I know that Jobo does but they will not ship to a P O Box.
    Thanks for your help

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    Jobo Processor

    I have almost all shipments made to the localUPS Store or you can have a shipment held at the local UPS distribution point as will call. Fed Exp will do the same.

    UPS Stores are privately owned, so you need to make arrangements personally.

    For UPS distribution use your name and phone #, C/o UPS, xxx street etc.

    I find this service valuable as ecpensive items do not end up sitting on my front porch and there is always someone to receive them.

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    Jobo Processor

    Don't mess around with anything but JOBO parts. Call JOBO and pay for the parts with your credit card and have them ship the parts to a friend that has a mailing address and have him sent them to you at your PO box when he gets them. Then get back to your photography as spring is here!


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    First, make sure your street address is listed as an approved address on your credit card. Then call Jobo on the phone and explain that you live in the weeds (or wherever - I live in the mountains and mail isn't delivered to my house either) and it needs to be shipped to your PO Box by mail or your street address by UPS.

    Then ALWAYS use both addresses when you order something. If it's a computer generated order it will usually, automatically include both address lines. That way whatever they do will usually work.

    I've had the same problem with other shippers for 24 years now. It's a pain, but this will almost always work.

    Now if you live so far out even UPS/FedEx can't find you, Michael's buddy approach is probably the best deal.

    Good luck!


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