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Thread: Induro, Feisol and Benro Tripods

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    Re: Induro, Feisol and Benro Tripods

    You would be ahead to just buy a used Gitzo when comes available. They are almost indestructible. I've been using a 1325 (300 series) for about 15 years now in very harsh conditions, and it still performs flawlessly. It could outlive me.

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    Re: Induro, Feisol and Benro Tripods

    Oh, I wouldn't take that for granted. Just a couple years back I was backpacking with my older 3-ply Gitzo, which has been indestructible for many years, while a friend was carrying the analogous newer model 2-ply version. He slipped in a creek and two legs instantly broke right off that Gitzo!

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    Re: Induro, Feisol and Benro Tripods

    The price on gitzos usually hovers well above the value of most of my camera equipment combined. While they do look nice, the price tag makes my forehead sweaty.

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    Re: Induro, Feisol and Benro Tripods

    I have a Feisol 3342, and it can take my weight without collapsing. Yup, I suspended myself under the platform, and it held up.
    I don't have a centre post, but I think there's one made for this pod.

    Good for cameras up to 60 kilos at least!

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