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Thread: B&W King developing tank caution!

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    Re: B&W King Caution!

    Bob, there is a Loctite formula exactly for fixing nuts, I don't know the english name..and I find this the best idea.
    Alternatively, one could squeeze the nut with a powerful tool, until the thread becomes slightly elliptic.


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    Re: B&W King Caution!

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan9940 View Post
    For anyone using the B&W King tanks,


    If you turn the tank lid over, you will see several small nuts. I strongly advise you to check the tightness of these nuts every so often. I had two of them come loose and rattle around in my 4x5 tank this morning ......
    Thank you, Alan and fellow photographer found problems and puts forward positive improvements.
    B&W KING developing tank products in use in the design of many of the screw.
    Their function:
    Screw cover parts of the developing tank (6)
    1, there are four screws inside the sandwich.According to the design, the four screws are not fixed.If the user needs to adjust the height of the mezzanine, change the liquid filling speed.Can adjust for yourself.
    2, the rotation of the two screws fixed roof twist.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Install film holders part (4 x5 developing tank has 22 only screw. 5 x7 developing tank has 14 screws.)
    3, stainless steel arc support for fixed connection center.
    Product before shipping, I have to seriously for each radian of fine adjustment, (not fixed).The screw is best not to adjust myself.
    4, fixed at the bottom of the wheel.
    Due to the developing tank need to turn the operation, appear loose screw is possible.Can install the screw again。
    Can install the screw again。 not too forcibly damage the screw, please note.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In order to avoid a screw loose, I have been in the each product using the elastic washer on the screw.The gasket material is stainless steel.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I don't understand mechanical, so in the design process of B&W KING, a lot of unexpected problems.I will actively improve, make our products more perfect.
    Thank you again Alan and fellow photographer found problems and puts forward positive improvements.

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