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Thread: Hello All

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    Re: Hello All

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry the Sailor View Post
    My copy of "Understanding the View Camera" arrived via the brown truck of happiness yesterday. Does a good job of explaining the concepts presented, now if I just had a camera to practice them with...
    It helped me to take the book outside along with my camera to practice with before I shot any film. Of course ya gotta get that camera!

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    Re: Hello All

    Thank you all for your answers and the warm welcome. I found Simmons' book ("understanding the view camera") and have been reading it for a while now. Seems a good place to start. My group has been given (for now) a sinar monorail camera. I think it's the P2. I bought a second hand Cambo SC in very good condition but without the film back. If anyone (preferably in Europe) has and is selling a film back please let me know. Sorry for writing it here, I just got carried away with the reply. Thank you all again!

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