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Thread: Beseler light head

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    Best Seller light head

    I second Calamity Jane's response. Stephen emailed me today with the part number, source, and schematic info for the 45s head. Looks like I am back in business for $3.79 plus postage!

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    Best Seller light head

    Dear Jane and Doug,

    Beseler technical help was very helpful, they are great and Stephen was really helpful. This is his reply.

    To be honest I couldn't tell you. I have not seen one of these heads in years. We haven't made them for over fifteen years . Actually the universal 45 that you can't find a controller for is more recent.
    Best Regards
    Stephen McFadden

    Thanks for the help everyone, I haven't been given the push off since I served in combat in Vietnam.

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    Re: Best Seller light head

    This is my first time writing in this forum, I just joined. I about to set up my darkroom too with two beselers 45mxt and 45v xt. I had one dichro 45s for a couple years now in no working condition. I recently sent it to beseler and beseler gave it to an authorized technician to fix it. I should get it in the mail today. There is also a place in canada BKH. They repair beseler. I never tried it so I can not tell you.
    I adquired a second 45s that looks newer than the one I sent out for repair. The fan works perfect but there is not light. I will check and clean all the electrical part and hopefully that will solve the problem without me sending it away. By the way I paid 370.00$ to repair the first one. I hope that cleaning all contact will fix this head.
    I have been reading this forum and you guys sound very helpful. That is why I joined. see you soon...

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    Re: Best Seller light head

    I have 3 Beseler 45S heads, two of which are operational and the third (which I acquired used but completely mint) does not operate. Keep in mind that the 45S is a different animal than the computerized 45 with the LED readouts which I understand are notoriously unreliable.

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    Re: Best Seller light head

    Does anyone have a schematic for the Beseler Dichro 45 color head and control box?

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    Re: Best Seller light head

    Quote Originally Posted by I_have_more_pixels View Post
    Does anyone have a schematic for the Beseler Dichro 45 color head and control box?

    this is the one with the bad optoisolator. I never got the replacement part number... the people that did replace it never got back to me.

    update on a repair for this problem 5/13/21......
    Opto1 is AC driven so the LED substatute may not work there.
    Opto2 is DC driven adn the LED substatutes will work there.

    one recommended part for opto2 is VTL5C3 Xvive

    still working on it

    notice the red dot at opto 2 in the diagram... that is the + side of the LED.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Dual Dichros schem.jpg  
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