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Thread: Beseler light head

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    Beseler light head

    Wow, I have two, that's two Beseler 45 Dichro Computer Color Heads.... and neither one works. I called Beseler and they said, "we don't even carry that model anymore". I said "I can understand not being responsible for everything they made from time one, but just wanted some help. After no help I found and bought another one. It didn't work either, no light. First one no controls. The seller of the second one gave me $20.00 back.
    Parts are harder to find for the Beseler 45 color heads than a left handed bolt for a '58 Simca.
    Why can't they make a color head that is simple and works and doesn't cost one to two grand?

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    Best Seller light head

    Beseler last I checked doesn't service anything anymore. Not even the current stuff. You're supposed to deal with one of the service companies that they've authorized.

    Best way to get a cheap working colour head is to get one attached to an enlarger. The reason my Beseler doesn't have a colour head is I couldn't find anything worth buying for less then the cost of the Durst enlarger I bought. I'd much prefer having a colour head for the Beseler but the Durst is better then nothing.

    Ask them about parts and service.

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    Best Seller light head

    Hi Curt.

    You have run into the #1 and ONLY chronic problem with the Dichro 45 - DIRTY ELECTRICAL CONTACTS! Unfortunately, electrical connectors, when the Dichro was designed, were prone to oxidization and all the Dichros I have seen have had the same problem to one degree or another.

    All the electrical contacts need to be PROPERLY cleaned (scrubbed!) and that requires removing the plug-in boards. (Spray cleaner will NOT work!) If you are confident in your ability to disassemble and reassemble correctly the electronic part of the Dichro, I can give you the procedure for cleaning the contacts. It will take a couple of hours but it is not hard.

    I have rebuilt/restored 3 Dichro 45s in the past year and all had the same problem. All are now working 100%.

    In defense of Beseler, I will say that the Dichro 45 is a VERY well designed unit and they work well. Beseler was also VERY supportive and gave me copies of their technical information (when they found out I am an electronics technician) so I could troubleshoot and repair Dichro 45s. I am surprised they didn't refer you to me; they have referred others.

    Don't give up on the 45! They are a nice machine (as long as you don't need replacement parts).

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    Best Seller light head

    I put the contact cleaning procedure up on my Web page at

    I shouldn't be giving away my secrets! This could dry up my supply of cheap Dichro 45s ;-)

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    Best Seller light head

    I had a Simca once. I am really gladI don't have it anymore.

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    Best Seller light head

    I emailed and they got back to me within 24 hours helping me with the problem (intermittant delay on the lamp lighting after being switched on). They help diagnose the problem and will be giving me a part number for me to order from Allied Electric.

    The (I'm not making this up) iso-optilator on my Dichro 45s head is going bad and so I have to pull the circuit board and do a little soldering.

    I was impressed with the knowledge and helpfulness of Stephen at Beseler.

    Off topic: Calamity Jane - Do the suits at your company understand the liability issues associated with video of a construction project? The documentation of the worksite violations that occur at EVERY jobsite that now will be recorded? Speaking from experience - if you want to avoid some ugly legal issues you may want to "pull the plug" on the whole project.

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    Best Seller light head

    The suits at my work place don't undertsand squat. The prime contractor is one of the driving forces behind the Web cameras

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    Best Seller light head

    Thank you everyone for the help, I am going to disassemble it again and scrubbbbb the contacts and clean it all over. I did check the continuity of the wiring and inspected the boards and components for overheating and burning etc. I was a Radioman in the Navy and have had a lot of electronics, specifically in the the Radiologic and Radiation fields. It passed the smoke test but the same results. I wonder... if the circuit boards are not available and the parts are not available, why would I want to even take two or three units and use them for parts? All that bidding to get a head that may have parts I don't. Just some extra thoughts. Thank you again, Curt

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    Best Seller light head

    You might contact Daryl (sp?) Nicholas, he is or was the authorized repair person for some discontinued Beseler products, mainly the 45A color head but perhaps others as well, he might have some suggestions or ideas. I don't have his contact information but he often writes for Shutterbug magazine and you should be able to get an e mail address for him through the magazine web site or through Google.

    I can understand your frustration but at least Besler is still in business. Considering the number of new enlargers sold these days that's pretty amazing. It's even more amazing that you spoke with a real person.
    Brian Ellis
    Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you do criticize them you'll be
    a mile away and you'll have their shoes.

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    Best Seller light head

    Brian: Beseler is quite an amazing company. Although they have undergone substantial staff reductions and lost ALL of their design staff and technical service staff in an effort to survive in these days of off-shore low cost labour, people like Stephen McFadden have gone out of their way to help support older products (which in all honesty does nothing for their "bottom line").

    In the course of refurbishing 3 Dichro 45s, Mr. McFadden dug thru the piles of dusty old service manuals and made a copy of the Dichro Service Manual and schematics for me.

    "Service" and "support" like that for a 25 year old product costs Beseler money and doesn't bring any income but it has left me with a very positive feeling for the company. When buying new equipment, you can bet Beseler will get serious consideration.

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