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Thread: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

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    Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

    This is one place I really want to see and photograph but if this crap keeps up, it's lost for years as a place to photograph. I would love to be a volunteer *warden* to keep an eye on people who simple don't deserve to walk this earth. Just let me boot their tires and I'll be happy, they could use a long, dusty walk out to the blacktop.
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    Re: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

    Negative attention is still attention for these folks. The article probably emboldened them unfortunately.

    If I were in charge of enforcing things, I'd pretty pretty unpopular and would probably give littering citations for people tossing cigarette butts in the rain. In my neighborhood before they got to any national parks.

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    Re: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

    Overall, it was probably worse before. When I was there fifty years ago there were jeep tracks and "donuts" everywhere, which made it almost impossible to get
    an unblemished picture unless you were the first to arrive after a heavy rain season. Vandalizing rocks with graffiti is going on everywhere. Maybe the idiots posted their activities on UTube and will get caught. The volume of graffiti seems to be inversely proportional to IQ, and the fines when caught are laughable. In
    some of our cities it's the businesses who get fined if they allow the graffiti to remain, and not the perpetrators. I kinda like the old days, when, if someone got
    caught with a Tote Goat (predecessor of the ATV) in a designated roadless area (predecessor of Wilderness Areas), the FS Officer would simply pull the spark plug and tell them to push it back. After eighteen miles or so of that, they got the point. In Death Valley it would work even better, because their bones would be lying bleached at the side of the road for decades to remind others, or maybe leaving their own wind tracks across the playa.

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    Re: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

    ugh. But I am with you JP, I really really want to give out littering citations..
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    Re: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

    This might be something that could be solved by technology, such as remote cameras. I too just can't understand these kinds of people. It does seem to be a bit of human nature--I've been reading up on early Yellowstone history for the past couple of years.

    Kent in SD
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    Re: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

    Most people never knew of the place and location until digital cameras, Google Maps and the Internet.

    The more we show the images the more they want to contribute their 'mark'.

    I take a very long view on our activities, things won't get better until the Bell Curve flattens on the East side.
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    Re: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

    Narcissistic sociopaths.

    Bruce Watson

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    Re: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Watson View Post
    Narcissistic sociopaths.
    Just pray one doesn't marry your sister

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    Re: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

    Nothing new even before the idiot Mormon Boy Scout leaders in the link above destroyed a formation in Goblin Valley, Utah.

    From carving names to spray painting grafitti to driving on the racetrack, it happens. The idiot who toppled the rock is supposedly disabled from a car accident.

    Stupidity knows no bounds. The you tube video here shows just how true that is.

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    Re: Dear god, pie holes are everywhere....sigh

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