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Thread: Ilford Sheet Film

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    Ilford Sheet Film

    Ilford is not cutting back on their production of sheet film as far as I can tell. They will be posting a product list on their web site

    in the next week or so listing their sheet film products.

    Ilford will also be at the View Camera Conference to answer any questions about their plans for the future.

    steve simmons

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    Ilford Sheet Film

    There was also a rumor of Ilford's potentially splitting the company into distinct photo and digital entities. Have they spoken to this possibility?

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    Ilford Sheet Film

    i think that happened some time last year with the reorganisation/recivership.

    The digital paper side was profitable and continued on it's own.

    The trad paper/film/chemicals side was unprofitable - reorganised and taken over by a management buyout team (or somenthing like that)
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    Ilford Sheet Film


    Yes, the digital side of the company was split off shortly after they announced going into receivership. The digital side was always very profitable but the traditional side of the house was burdened with high cost of doing business.

    The management buyout was announced over the past few months so the traditional side will continue to produce the same excellent products for the traditional market. There is a new company name but the brand name will remain Ilford.
    Eric Biggerstaff

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    Ilford Sheet Film

    I'm so well-informed. Thanks, guys.

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