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Thread: Forum moderation; I am disturbed by the recent events...

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    Re: Forum moderation; I am disturbed by the recent events...

    Quote Originally Posted by Corran View Post
    Right, I understand that. I was asking because Oren's post seemed to point towards a potential change in policy, tightening the restrictions to photos as well, but perhaps I was misunderstanding.
    Bryan, we are happy to work with those who understand and accept what we are trying to accomplish here, to find ways to enable rather than block sharing of work. Please feel free to ask if you think there might be an issue, and we will do our best to understand any concerns and try to find a way to make it work.

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    Re: Forum moderation; I am disturbed by the recent events...

    Quote Originally Posted by RHITMrB View Post
    I notice that most of the so-called "complainers" (including myself) are more concerned with photographic practice than with gear or technical questions, which is an interesting dichotomy. That said, I'm glad that this place exists for the technical questions I do have and that it's well-indexed by Google - one needn't be a member to benefit from the technical information contained herein.
    As a learner still I'm vey focussed in materials and methods, on some topics google it is not enough, here for example I found critical help .

    I'm also very interested in photographic practice... and I like a lot works I've seen here, including the Richard's one.

    What I'm not interested at all it is about your country politics about homosexuality and transgender, here I mean. In my country this is way solved...

    Well, I'm interested in it because I desire your society advances in this concern, and also with street guns... but I find stupid this is debated here.

    And perhaps it can be debated to some extend, I guess... while it does not provocate a riot. Want a riot? just use PM...

    I'm a strong supporter of transgender people full civil rights, but here we are on LF photography, and if a riot is here moderator has to solve it, and we must accept those decissions, even in the case we don't agree. Of course we can complain, please in a constructive way...

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    Re: Forum moderation; I am disturbed by the recent events...

    A final word: We have posted in the news section ( a statement about revised guidelines which have address some of the comments received in this thread. If you have comments on those changes, please make them in that thread for now.

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