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Thread: Chemistry for Ilfochrome

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    Chemistry for Ilfochrome


    I am having problem to locate supplier for Ilford P-3 chemistry. Esspecially in Canada. I tried US suppliers too (B&H Photo), they cannot ship it because of some sort of regulations? Can anybody help me to locate supplier willing to ship?

    I am looking for 2L kits, but also I am willing to buy 20 L concetrates developer, fixer and bleach.
    As another alternative is to make my own solutions. Does anybody tried it? Or somethinch similar to it? Can anybody post chemical composition of fixer, bleach and developer?

    Thanks for the response.

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    Chemistry for Ilfochrome

    Developer is ordinary B&W soup - Dektol, Selectol, etc.
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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    Chemistry for Ilfochrome

    I found that if you use the 'Beers' formula you could vary the contrast of the print just like in B+W, experiment with the dilution and use it as a one shot basis. Add 1.2g sodium thiosulphate per liter of working solution to disolve the masking layer. The bleach you'll have to keep buying but the fix is easy, just use rapid fixer for 3 mins.

    CP Goerz.

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    Chemistry for Ilfochrome

    That is too cool, Andrew.

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    Chemistry for Ilfochrome


    I did a search on "Ilford P-3" at the calumet site and they sell Ilford P-30. Is that the same stuff? If so the go to They only have 2L kits though but will ship anywhere.

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    Chemistry for Ilfochrome

    Hi Peter

    Try these people

    They definately stock the chemicals, but I don't know about shipping. Worth a phone call though. HTH


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    Chemistry for Ilfochrome

    Who wont ship the chemicals? Ilford to the supplier, or the supplier to you? Is it because you are trying to import from the USA to Canada? A bit more information would be helpful.

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    Chemistry for Ilfochrome

    B&H Photo will not ship to me due to US regulations. I found one supplier in Canada, but he has replenishers instead of starters. I do not know if I can use replenishars as starters or not.

    Oh BTW, Chemistry is used for Iffochrome papers (color process), I see few responses regarding BW developers. See Ilford P-3

    Does anybody has experience using replenishers as starters?
    Thanks for help.

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    Chemistry for Ilfochrome

    You can download the P-3 document from the Ilford site. From glancing at the mixing section you need the starter for the developer. But for the bleach no starter exists. If you follow the suggestion to use a B&W developer then you can avoid looking for the developer starter.

    From the Ilford document

    "Developer DE 3X the composition of DE 3x corresponds with that of a super additive B&W developer." It's a PDF so I can't cut and paste but when you download it you'll see it.

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    Chemistry for Ilfochrome

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for response I've got the picture. As far who is verified supplier in Canada, it is The Camera Store in Calgary. Recently they've got new supply from Ilford. Ask for Rob. Be aware, shipping is expensive. they have to charge like 80 CAD to ship it in Canada(special shipping for dangerous chemicals)

    CP Goertz or Bill,
    just a question for ya... Did you try to process ilfochrome in BW developer? What is your experience?

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