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Tests have shown them to hold the film flatter and at the proper "T" distance better than any 2-sided holder. I check my inserts for flatness, particularly at the corners, after each use. Never a jam because of this careful approach.
that is what i thought.

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I bought mine specifically to use with my Graflex SLR's and they are perfect for that. As it's an SLR I don't have to remove them to focus. I've only ever had one (out of 7) jam on me and I had several with me so it wasn't a big deal. I, for one, dig mine.


never had the grafmatics for slr's ( only learned a couple of years ago they even existed )
but i have bag mags, i think i have 4-5 of them and one for glass plates.
i like them, simple and easy to use ( the slr's too )