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Thread: CEO S. Bryant & Co Brass Lens

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    CEO S. Bryant & Co Brass Lens

    I recently acquired this S. Bryant brass lens.

    I know nothing about it.

    Would some one provide some information about it?

    What size film will it cover?
    Would this be a possible portrait lens?

    approx. Value -best guess- I know the true value is what someone is willing to pay but I would like a guess anyway.

    I am attaching two pictures of the lens.

    Thanks for any information about the lens.

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    Re: CEO S. Bryant & Co Brass Lens

    It's George Bryant, and importer and photography retail store in the 1800s. Boston, I believe, but you can google it.

    We've changed the rules and don't give valuations any more. It's probably a remarked Darlot, looks to be about a 5 or 6 inch. Probably a petzval for a quarterplate camera. You can research what those go for on ebay. Bryant also imported Gasc & Charconnet, but yours looks like a Darlot. Here is a 14" G&C marked Bryant that I have.

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    Re: CEO S. Bryant & Co Brass Lens

    It's Geo. S. Bryant.

    I havn't see this style engraving before, so a closer photo would be appreciated!
    Most, if not all, of the Gasc et Charconnet lenses imported by Bryant have the shown engraving - which identifies them as being from G & C. The serial number I have seen on these appears to match the "French" sold lenses - somewhere between 28,000 and 33,000.
    I am inclined to agree with Garrett about Darlot, who seems to accepted use of his name first in connection with B.French. Darlot often has a small simple stamped (A D) on the inside of flat sections of brass - just as Jamin did before him.
    But measure the exact diameter of the front glass and I can look up in the catalogue summaries I have to see if it matches any of G & C Petzval series.
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    Re: CEO S. Bryant & Co Brass Lens

    It will just barely cover 4x5, and there will be very heavy vignetting. I've been buying these small Petzvals and sending them to SK Grimes. I now have four 19th century lenses put into Nikon F mount and I use them on my Nikon D800E.

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