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Thread: HP5 on a Jobo

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    HP5 on a Jobo

    I'd like to do some silver contact printing on 8X10. I have a large box of HP5 and gallons of Pyrocat HD (one of those strange deals I did a while back). My normal process is TMX, TMY and Tmax-RS (strictly 4X5), so HP5 is unchartered waters. Does anyone have some starting times for HP5 in Pryocat HD on a Jobo? EI starting points would also be helpful....

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    HP5 on a Jobo

    Here is a popular site that has the most info that I know.

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    HP5 on a Jobo

    Hi Don,

    Check out Sandy's article on Ed Buffaloe's website ( He gives starting times and tips on the technique for using Pyrocat HD with HP-5+ in a Jobo.

    I am in the process of testing the combination of 4X5 Bergger BPF 200 and Pyrocat HD (dip-and-dunk agitation) for scenes that have an extra large brightness range. Haven't developed the negatives yet. However, I'm probably going to stay with Ilford DD-X and HP-5+ film for scenes with average brightness

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    HP5 on a Jobo

    I just started working with HP5 in pyrocat two months ago and it is very good for my applications. You will have to start somewhere, and there is no telling where you will end up given your materials and the contrast range of your subject, but I will tell you what I did. Try 12 minutes, 2:2:100 at 21 degrees to start and work backwards and forwards from there. This is less than the 14 minutes that I found in my research, but I have long ranges out here in Western Nevada and I believe the guys in the Midwest where the pyrocat was developed are working with narrower ranges. So I am exposing at 200 instead of 320 and shortening the recommended time by a couple of minutes. The articles on are the best, as well as the discussions of pyrocat by Sandy King and others on and the AZO forum on Good luck.

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