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Thread: Favorite "analogue" paper & why.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Favorite "analogue" paper & why.

    Another classic paper, long gone! Them wahr the days! I have figured out how to get Portriga-like images specially toning MGWT.

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    LF/ULF Carbon Printer Jim Fitzgerald's Avatar
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    Re: Favorite "analogue" paper & why.

    I know in my case since I only print carbon transfer I have found many papers that fit my vision. In the last eight years of printing carbon I was set on Glossy Fiber paper. I have some '64 Ilford Bromide paper on rolls. Amazing stuff. I got as much of the Varycon Fiber Matte paper that I could before they closed their doors. I wish I could find more of that. Anyone have some?

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    Re: Favorite "analogue" paper & why.

    Quote Originally Posted by John Layton View Post
    Currently: Ilford Multigrade Classic FB - souped in Moersch 4812. This combo offers great D-Max and a brilliance which to me mimics the addition of a restrainer...
    Ten months later, a question. How would you characterize the image tone of this combination, both before and after KRST? What KRST dilution do you use and for how long? Thanks in advance.

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