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Thread: LF capturing last images of Chicago Buildings

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    LF capturing last images of Chicago Buildings

    Today, the Chicago Tribune has an article about Brian Palm and his efforts to record LF images of buildings which may soon be torn down. They write "Palm is the latest in a line of Chicago photographers including Richard Nickel and Bob Thall who have documented historic buildings as part of an effort to preserve the city's architectural heritage."

    There are several references to his using a 4x5 camera for the images.

    Here is a link, although you may have to register with the Trib to connect:,1,1068987.story?coll=chi-news-hed

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    LF capturing last images of Chicago Buildings

    Chicago is going to be torn down? What will it be replaced with? (lol)

    Seriously, thanks for the link, John.

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    LF capturing last images of Chicago Buildings

    Any day now, we'll be hearing a news story about some guy the police arrested in Chicago when a building blew up after he was seen photographing it......

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    LF capturing last images of Chicago Buildings

    that story reminded me of how upset I was at myself for not really going to document the sun-times building before it went down. Tonnes of shots of it in the bg, but never explored it as a subject itself.

    Also reminds me that I need to get a few lenses back from the shop and get back out there.

    Thanks for the link, John.

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    LF capturing last images of Chicago Buildings

    If you want a town that really demolishes itself to fullfil its destiny, come to Parkersburg, WV. Built at the turn of 1800's as a second town below Marietta, OH [1st town in the then west] on the Ohio River. The government has now torn down a grand hotel, city building, three blocks of 1830-1960 business district, 1860's train depot, Catholic girls school and nunery, and countless private residences to "tear down a little piece of paradice and but up a parking lot". New city building, US Public debt, parking garage, 6 parking lots, two different hospitals expansions, and three judical facilities, county jail, and local TV station replaced the old town. Yuck!!!!

    We cannot stop the "Good Old Boys in Town".

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