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Thread: changing bag vs. changing tent

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    changing bag vs. changing tent

    I have a small changing bag for changing film in my 4x5 holders. It is a pain to use. I am using it either at home or in a small camper. The changing bag top is low and it seems very confining. Is there a difference between the changing bag and a tent? Is a changing tent a major improvement in functionality? If so, any recommendations on brands and/or models?

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    changing bag vs. changing tent

    The 'tent' part of the name implies that the top of the 'bag' is supported above the frey. Tents tend to be larger as well.

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    changing bag vs. changing tent

    Harley: I use a Harrison "Pup Tent". It rolls up for easy travel. While it works best on a table or desk, I have used mine in the car. I never travel without it.
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    changing bag vs. changing tent

    Harley, I have the Photoflex tent. Come on by and take a look...

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    changing bag vs. changing tent

    Hi Harley,

    For handling 4X5 film holders, it would be very difficult to find a better changing tent than the Harrison Pup Tent. It's well worth the investment. If you are planning on moving up to a larger format in the future, invest a little more and get the larger sized Original Harrison Tent. You then have a piece of photo equipment that will last for a lifetime.

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    changing bag vs. changing tent

    I have both a Harrison tent and a Photoflex tent. While the Harrison tent works fine, I much prefer the Photoflex - it "pops" up in an instant, is more spacious, has better arm positioning, more height and is just a better internal spac to stay organised. Another nice feature is a little "trash bag" which is attached internally via velcro. It's also far cheaper than the Harrison tent and can be bought as a Calumet labelled "Changing Room". Once you know how, you can fold it away in about 5 seconds...

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    changing bag vs. changing tent

    I found a Photoflex used for a song - although I would guess the Harrison is of better quality. If I ever manage to wear out my Photoflex, I'll get one but in the meantime I love it and use it for all my "dark" requirements.

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    changing bag vs. changing tent

    I have a changing bag; I have used a friend's changing tent. The tent wins, hands down (sorta, kinda a pun, I suppose!) Changing film is more accurate, faster, and cleaner in a tent than in a bag. The only down side is that changing tents are, in my humble opinion, too expensive. As it turns out, it is rather simple to come up with a pair of flexible poles which can turn a changing bag into a rudimentary (but still much improved) changing tent. And that's what I've done.
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    changing bag vs. changing tent

    I have Calumet's "Changing Room." I'm pretty sure it's also sold by other vendors under other names. It is essentially a collapsible box with sleeves. My only gripe is that the sleeves are too high on the side of the bag to be comfortable working when seated at a normal table; I find it works well placed on another chair or something like a piano bench in front of where I'm seated.

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    changing bag vs. changing tent

    You can also use a plastic show box and stuff it in the back of your changing bag...holds it up enough to let you change film and gives you one more storage box...

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