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Thread: Hermagis image size

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    Re: Hermagis image size

    Very nice.

    The No. 3 is beast and would likely cover 11x14. 450mm f4.5 I have a rough (incomplete) example. The no.5 is tiny in comparison. Really the No.4 (which I've never seen for sale) would be perfect of 8x10.

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    Re: Hermagis image size

    With such a camera, you can take very interesting photos. What size are the photos taken? My father also has a camera, but the photographs that he makes are of a strange size because it is impossible to print it normally on ordinary photo paper, they are either too wide or simply too large and do not fit on the paper. I think, of course, you can always change the size of the photo through various programs such as Photoshop or through online services for example through this one , but I just really want to know why photos are obtained this way. I have no idea why this is happening. the camera is new, it may just need to be adjusted. Any suggestions?

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