New 8x10 Norma Number Two by Nokton48, on Flickr

New to Me 8x10 Sinar Norma Number Two. I saw this configuration, at an Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the Wexner Center at OSU. A giant mural sized print on the wall, showing the interior of Richard Avedon's camera closet. A Sinar F Front Standard, and a Norma 8x10 Rear Standard. I thought at this time this seemed an odd combo. Now that I have configured it in my studio I see why it is a great location unit. I think I will leave it set up this way and maybe even start taking it out.

The Norma 8x10 Bag Bellows, the Adapter Plate with circular cutout, and Norma Monocular allows me to fine focus and see in great detail the groundglass. Can't see it all at once, but I can examine the four quadrants and it's very enjoyable to view. The Norma eyepiece setup wants to come apart, so out came the Hollywood Gaffer Tape and that's it. I prefer this and it works great for me. Monoculars rule in my studio I have one of each camera