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Thread: Should I build a LF TLR? What would it take?

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    Re: Should I build a LF TLR? What would it take?

    Moving parts - lately my personal parts don't move so well. I'm still trying to build a camera support for my power wheelchair so I can mount my 5 x 7 Linhof on it.

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    Re: Should I build a LF TLR? What would it take?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Andrada View Post
    I'd love to see an 8 x 10 version of the handy gadget Mamiya made for their TLR's - a little lift that goes between the tripod and the camera base. When you press the lever it raises the entire camera just enough to put the taking lens where the focusing lens was - great for close ups to insure you get the same photo you composed. I have one and it's really quite a good idea. Scaling it up to 8 x 10 would be quite a project - might have to be powered, or worked with a hand crank, though. Or maybe a foot pedal or long handle and a hydraulic pump - you could steal one from an old pallet jack.
    Try a mountain bike dropper seatpost adapted to hold the camera? Or the gas lift cartridge designed to raise/lower an office chair. Might be hard to get one with 10" travel but they should exist somewhere.

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