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Thread: Deleted Sticky Threads in F/S Subforum

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    Re: Deleted Sticky Threads in F/S Subforum

    I design UX/UI for a living. I looked all over the page expecting a direct link to the F/S Sub-forum guidelines — did not ever occur to me that they were part of a larger document, and that the link would be in the main navigation, since the obvious place for such a link would be the red text that says to read the usage guidelines for that sub-forum.

    One of the cardinal rules for such things is, get the user to the desired information in as few clicks as possible. Another is, make it easy for the user to find the information. You're close on the first item — it's only one click. But since all of the usage guidelines are on a single document, the user still has to hunt for the specific info. Maybe better to do one or more of the following:

    1. Break up the guidelines into separate pages for each main topic (also good for SEO, making it more likely someone will find the information via organic search)
    2. Place an index at the top of the page and use anchors to jump to the desired section — be sure to include a "return to top" link
    3. Use an accordion for each topic
    4. Use tabs for each topic

    None of these suggestions is urgent. But they might make the user experience better.

    If you do decide to include a link from the summary, it would be best to use a url fragment, e.g., /forum/faq.php?faq=vb_faq#faq_gen_rules_faq_item_forsalefortrade so the user arrives directly at the relevant section of the Usage Guidelines.

    I do want to thank you and all the moderators for the timely responses to user concerns and to all the work you put into the forum. You get a lot of griping and precious little gratitude for all your volunteering, and I want you to know that I appreciate what you are doing for the LF community.
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    Re: Deleted Sticky Threads in F/S Subforum

    Thanks for elaborating. Your points about UI are certainly well-taken. There are limits to what we can do within vBulletin without resorting to custom coding, which brings its own problems, but it should be possible to make some improvements along the lines that you suggest. We'll investigate and see what we can do.

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