As noted in the revised guidelines for the WTB sub-forum, links to external points of sale (e.g. eBay) in that sub-forum are OK if they are an example of what the member is looking to buy, or are in response to the WTB post. Similarly, such links are now allowed in other sub-forums if the purpose of the post is to discuss or ask questions about a feature or the technology used in the product. To preserve the value of the discussion after the link goes dead, however, please include a sufficient description of the item (e.g. brand name, model number) such that the question or discussion can still be understood. Bare pointers to a currently active sale, or comments about the price of the sales offering, serve only to promote the sale, and are still prohibited. Likewise, links to the poster's own sales, or those of a friend or associate on such sites are also still prohibited as being promotional, and counter to our non-commercial ideal.