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Thread: Is your Internet speed and cost good enough?

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    Re: Is your Internet speed and cost good enough?

    A relevant point that is always true...

    The achievable throughput on any connection depends critically on the equipment and configuration at each end of the pipe.

    If you connect to a host that limits the datarate on any port to 1Mbps, then you'll achieve at most 1Mbps on any line.

    Of course, with a high-rate service you can run multiple 1Mbps connections simultaneously, but generally they're not additive.

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    Re: Is your Internet speed and cost good enough?

    We live in the 20th century. All the providers are great! With very good services and fast cellular data I’ve ever had.
    I’ve starter to use it a year ago and never regretted. The best thing is that all services are chosen based on the model of your phone, to make service the most efficient. So, my advice is - don't waste time on such “extraordinary” offers and find a good provider. That web-site that helped me a lot - Moreover, I had known how the internet works, and how to differ one type of the internet from the other one. If you neaed the number, then write me in the PM.
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    Re: Is your Internet speed and cost good enough?

    If it wasn't for LFPF, I think I'd just say f**k the internet, I have a flip phone!
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