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Thread: LF: Retaining Ring/Flange for Heliar 24cm

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    LF: Retaining Ring/Flange for Heliar 24cm

    Hi all,

    I understand that I need an Ilex 5 for this particular lens, but since I don't have a shutter yet, I intend to shoot this lens with a hat using my Korona View 4x5. The diameter of the threaded part appears to be 75mm, so any flange or retaining ring that can accommodate this diameter will be great. Comments and suggestions for mounting this is lens are also welcome. Thank you.

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    Re: LF: Retaining Ring/Flange for Heliar 24cm

    Google "SK Grimes."

    Kent in SD
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    Re: LF: Retaining Ring/Flange for Heliar 24cm

    If you are looking for a temporary solution, a lo-tech approach might be sufficient. I usually fabricate a lens board out of plywood and screw the lens directly into the soft wood. If neccessary, I apply hot glue to the thread sticking out of the back of the lens board. Not elegant, but simple and fast. The hot glue is removable and holds the lens firmly in place. I have never had a problem, but will not take responsibility for your kludge, of course.

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    Re: LF: Retaining Ring/Flange for Heliar 24cm

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I bought a retaining ring from one of the forum members and waiting for it in the mail. I hope to share some images here in the forum once I'm able to mount this lens.

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