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Thread: Stiff speed dial on Compur

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    Stiff speed dial on Compur

    Shutter works fine but the shutter speed dial is very stiff to turn - wondering if there is an easy fix? It's an older Compur with the speed dial on top like this one:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Stiff speed dial on Compur

    Probably some dust or grime making it stiff. If you remove the screw in the middle of the speed dial, the dial lifts off (there's a small washer between the screw and speed dial, or should be). The speed dial has a pin - usually directly underneath the arrow on the top (visible) side of the plate - that locates in the speed adjustment cam underneath it. There's another cam beneath that one also with a locator pin. Clean up those parts, reassemble and it should work smoothly.

    Just be careful when taking parts off to lay them in sequence facing the same way they were on the shutter. If you put a speed cam on the wrong way the speeds will be wrong.

    You don't need to go any further, no need to remove the top plate.

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