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Thread: Zone VI enlarger questions

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    Re: Zone VI enlarger questions

    This has been on the Denver craigslist for a while.
    It doesn't specify Type I or II though.

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    Re: Zone VI enlarger questions

    Quote Originally Posted by piton View Post
    This has been on the Denver craigslist for a while.
    It doesn't specify Type I or II though.
    Nice find. From the relative dimensions of the 7" format length, I make the overall length of this carrier to be approximately 12" long. Given that the length of a Type II negative carrier is 15.75" in length, which is nowhere close, I would appear that this negative carrier is a Type I.

    However, unless the Type I head with this enlarger is the replacement model produced by Calumet, the head will not adequately cover 5x7. There are multiple threads on this topic in the archives.

    In order to tell, if the control box is quite heavy and large, has separate knobs and switches for both blue and green, and connects with the head via a thick, about a half-inch group of wires, it's the original head. (The control box for the replacement head is relatively light-weight, has three knobs on it, and connects to the head via a phone wire.)

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    Re: Zone VI enlarger questions

    I have made several Zone VI lensboards. They are simple sheet steel, about 18 gauge, and can be easily cut with tin snips and hand filed. Much cheaper than anything you can buy now or have made.

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    Re: Zone VI enlarger questions

    that looks perfect. I can't be 100% sure, but that matches the relative size and design of what i would think the lens board would look like

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    Re: Zone VI enlarger questions


    read this thread:

    Based on the information I received there I cut out lens boards from acrylic on a laser cutter.
    If you have a maker space near you they may be able to help you manufacture the parts you need.
    If you call calumet you might have luck asking for the parts. I believe they did have some lens boards, not sure about negative carriers, back in 2011. Ask to talk to someone in the tech department.

    The Zone VI is a fun system, lots to learn, and lots to finesse. enjoy.
    stawastawa at gmail

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    Re: Zone VI enlarger questions

    Quote Originally Posted by jasoncliffordchampagne View Post
    Hi there everyone! I was recommended this blog by the manager of the community darkroom in my city (Ottawa, Canada) as a great resource for information and knowledge. As it happens I need some.

    I recently inherited from what appears to be (I have done a good amount of research) a Zone VI type 1 5x7 enlarger. this is the model I have.

    I have tested it throughly and it appears to be working fine, but I have had a few issues and problems that I can't seem to sort out on my own. I'm hoping to get some guidance. First off, the enlarger came with (I will take pictures if needed for the sake of specificity) a zone vi compensating timer, and a zone vi cold light stabilizer. So far, it seems I can only connect one in at a time, because the Type I enlarger only has jack on the head to plug into. It seems stabilizing the light is important, my question is: Is there any way of plugging both in simultaneously? will just running the timer which has a built in brightness control knob the same thing? should I care?

    Furthermore, I am missing the lens board, and negative carriers. Again, after a good amount of research and roaming the web, it seems like both are in short supply/very hard to find. So, does anyone have any good leads on the enlarger lens boards? can they be made? same goes for the negative carriers. I have made negative carriers before from old mat boards. I have found a few negative carriers for zone vi enlargers online but the enlarger lens boards seem to not exist, especially for a type I enlarger

    I am not able to get rid of this enlarger or buy a new one, so i am determined to make this one work! this will be my first home darkroom, and I will make this happen!

    any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!
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