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Thread: Replacement Darkslides for 8x10 Holders

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    Replacement Darkslides for 8x10 Holders

    Acquired some plastic Lisco 8x10 holders whose dark slides seem thinner and more fragile than my Fidelity plastic holders. Out of curiosity I tried to insert a Fidelity dark slide in the Lisco and it worked fine. My question is has anyone gone to the effort of having new dark slides cut out of the thicker sheet plastic to overcome this issue? I have to think that with the proper material and a router jig one could knock out some replacement slides fairly easily. Before I go down this road I wanted to check to see if anyone has solved this problem previously and what experiences could you share? I would love to be able to contract someone to do this so any recommendations would be marvelous.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Replacement Darkslides for 8x10 Holders

    I have a few holders (8x10 and 11x14) that have metal darkslides. Heavy beasts, but unbreakable (I took a hammer to one I received with a bent corner.) They slide in and out better than most plastic slides. I believe they are less likely to create a static build-up (some computer-type people in a mid-80s LF workshop measured such things). I try to pack my 8x10 holders in their soft-sided, insulated cases (5 to a case) so that the metal slides are on the out-facing side of the bags.

    And the metal slides are great for modifying 8x10 darkslides to get two 4x10s on one sheet. A plastic one I modified worked great, it just could not stand up to the level of (ab)use I tend to give equipment out in the field. I have 3 unused 11x14 metal darkslides I am keeping in reserve. One to modify for two 5.5x14s on a sheet of 11x14, and the others for eventual replacement of plastic ones.

    But definitely not what you want if your are trying to cut weight down!!! I wonder what the weight and cost difference would be using titanium?
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    Re: Replacement Darkslides for 8x10 Holders

    Formica kitchen couner top laminate?
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    Re: Replacement Darkslides for 8x10 Holders


    B&H used to sell replacement Fidelity 8x10 slides. Probably all gone now, but worth a search.

    I have several Chamonix 4x10 holders with carbon fiber slides that are very nice. Another material to consider.

    If you are looking to replicate the Fidelity material for DIY slides, stop by Plasticare (just off Santa Fe, south of Hampden). They can probably source most types of plastic.
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