Ugh, I hate the "edit time out" thing. I posted the above from my phone, didn't notice the autoincorrect changing "of" to "if" (it does that nearly ALL the time. I don't know why Apple seems to always think I mean "if" when I mean "of"..) and now I cant' fix that.

Anyway, yeah, I used to get View Camera back in the 90s and I've been meaning to start again. The problem there is that I keep reading that the publisher is unresponsive to emails and web contact but good if you call, and I'm one of those people who would almost rather have my skull sawed open and my living brain sandpapered than to call someone I don't know about business matters on the phone. I can't even explain the aversio, but there you go.

Guess I could always try the web subscription then if I have problems break down and call. I have been known to do so. The above is an exaggeration. Well, slightly.