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Thread: Portrait Lens Question

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    Portrait Lens Question

    Hi All,

    First post, just getting into LF (8x10) photography. As a way of learning i'm going to shoot a series in the style of Avedon's In the American West (ie crisp portraits. Some nice bokeh if needed though not soft focus images like Paolo Roveri). I've searched a lot and found that he shot it with a 360mm Symmar-S. I was going to just get one of these on ebay and get shooting but after much research i'm now considering putting my money into a 360mm Tessar instead. My question is therefore, what should i be expecting from each lens? Obviously there are many variables but should i be pulling my hair out or are either going to suits my needs when trying to get crisp portraits. For that matter would any "big 4" 360 get me in the ball park (eg Nikon, Fuji, Shneider, Rodenstock)?

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    Re: Portrait Lens Question

    Either should suit your needs quite well.

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    Re: Portrait Lens Question

    When I was shooting 8x10 I had a 360 Symmar S. It was a great portrait lens, very sharp and the images had a great look. I'm sure any of the 360 plasmats would do the job just fine. But the Symmar S seems like a great option.

    I'd be more concerned about the condition of the shutter. Since all of the 360 plasmats will be great for your needs, you might buy whichever one comes with the newest shutter.

    When I bought mine on Ebay, I wasn't quite prepared for how large it was going to be!

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    Re: Portrait Lens Question

    Lets not forget the 14" Commercial Ektar

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    Re: Portrait Lens Question

    Nor the 420mm Fujinon L.
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    Re: Portrait Lens Question

    Per your description, I'd look for a large Marge earlier Symmar in the Compound 4 that was f5.6 Once upon a time I had an Osaka f6.3 14" Tessar and it impressed me with how sharp and lovely the images were. Pretty hard to go wrong with your stated parameters. Get a big lens and go make pictures. Lots to learn about lighting etc. but your lens isn't going to be a huge player one way or another. Leave the 'big guns' and 'silver bullet' lenses alone. A gold dot Dagor won't help.

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    Re: Portrait Lens Question

    Quote Originally Posted by DrTang View Post
    Lets not forget the 14" Commercial Ektar

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    Re: Portrait Lens Question

    Many fine lenses to choose from, including the 14" CE, but the OP is after a different look that what the CE imparts.
    I remember reading that Avedon used a Fuji-W 360 f6.3 for the American West series, but I may be mis-remembering that fact.
    In any case, yes, you should be just fine with any lenses from the Big 4, if that's the kind of look you're after.

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    Re: Portrait Lens Question

    Many thanks Jim. Sound advice for sure.

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    Re: Portrait Lens Question

    Thanks Ari, I had read that he used a Fuji as well but wasn't sure if it was a back-up or not to the Symmar. Thanks for putting my mind (and $) at ease.

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