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Thread: Durst 138s laborator light bulb

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    Re: Durst 138s laborator light bulb

    I ended up passing on it..the space I will be using isn't too big and that enlarger was well...the opposite of "not too big"
    For now, I'm going to find a nice 35mm dedicated enlarger and then just get a bigger one when I get a bigger space, and bigger camera .. though, it certainly was not as complicated of an enlarger that people made it out to be..but at the same time I do appreciate people not wanting me to become discouraged in the darkroom due to an enlarger that is not "plug in and go". If anyone is missing any pieces on a Durst 138s, let me know and I can put you in touch with the guy, it had everything, and was pretty mint.

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    Re: Durst 138s laborator light bulb

    Quote Originally Posted by volumniv View Post

    So I'm going to go look at a Durst 138s for my first enlarger, I only shoot 35mm right now but I'm looking to expand to large format and I only want to buy one enlarger, so why not get a big one ..anyways people really seem to be complaining about finding replacement bulbs for the Durst enlargers..B&H sells a 150w enlarger bulb, though it is a different shape I think than the Durst original bulb. Here is a link to the bulb i'm referring to: - will this work? Or does it have to look like one of those G40 bulbs I've seen people write about?
    I just don't want to buy an enlarger and not be able to find a light for it... Anyone know if this light would work?

    Also, anyone ever try this light for the Durst? It's sold/marketed as a replacement -

    Thanks guys, really appreciate the expertise.
    You can get a G 40 bulb at Home Depot. Plenty bright for my needs.

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