I'm getting into my new 4x5 Shen Hao. I have a couple of nice Fujinon lenses (180mm and 65mm). Now the 180, I can see myself having some fun with the tilt movements etc but with the 65mm, I can't see so much need for it.
I was planning on getting a wide angle bellows for it but I have tested using just perpendicular back and front and find the DOF so good, that I can't see a need for tilting.
Maybe someone can tell me what situation they would use tilting on such a short lens? It's pretty easy to work out my DOF and set a nice small aperture. Another help is using stand development with my B&W film. It seems to give me such a good dynamic range that I can easily push it without loss. So that helps my DOF as well. In any case, I love a bit of movement, things don't all have to be cuaght in action for me. So shutter speeds of 1/4 is not uncommon for me.
I can only think of a need with color film and a desire to actually put something out of focus. Love to hear some thoughts on this.