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Thread: Hints for Linux workflow?

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    Re: Hints for Linux workflow?

    Quote Originally Posted by barnacle View Post
    Cheers Renato,

    I'm exporting to TIFF 16 bit, but I'm still not convinced it's actually using the full range, or anything like it. I need to take one of the image files to bits and have a look inside!

    Darktable is a recent experiment, and I'm not sure whether it's the thing for me, but my Gimp is 2.8.10 which down-converts a 16-bit TIFF to 8-bit. 16-bit is announced for 2.10...

    But it's all a bit moot unless I can get the scanner to behave.


    Gimp 2.9 is capable of 32 bits as it uses the GEGL graphics library for image processing. My bet is you could easily install and use the beta 2.9 - I did for several months ago and haven't had a single crash,

    BTW, the developers has pointed that using 16 bits image instead of 32 gets the same CPU and mem load with the new Graphic library, I made myself the load test and could observe that too,



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    Re: Hints for Linux workflow?

    Is the 32-bit version (2.9) currently only available for Linux ?

    (I can run Linux on a VM under OS X. What Linux distro would you recommend ?)

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    Re: Hints for Linux workflow?


    I don't have a Windows PC running here but my bet is it's also available for Windows,

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2015-11-27-openexr-32bit-float-mode.jpg 
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    Link for download:

    If you're searching for a stable Linux distro with a nice user interface, try out Mint Linux (I'm running the latest 17.3 version). Very stable, based upon Ubuntu Linux,



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    Re: Hints for Linux workflow?

    Mint 100% - it's by far the simplest to use for anyone who's come from the Windows world (as in, it still has a hierarchical menu system and a system tray). This is a Mint 17.3 installation that replaced the Chromeos on a Toshiba CB2 - not an easy job but I've documented it on the mint forums. Lovely screen, but a bit short of memory. Better (for me) as a full mint machine than as a chromebook!

    I'm slowly getting somewhere with the scanner. It seems the results are best as a full-colour image, *not* as a negative. But it's still quantising in the thinner parts of the negative, in spite of 16 bit TIFF output. I'll look into Gimp 2.9.


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