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I came across some 11x14 plate holders locally, so I picked up a couple lenses that would cover, and fashioned a very silly sliding-box camera out of scrap wood and cardboard. Managed to grind a decent ground glass, pour two plates (man, those big ones take a long time to dry), and shoot a couple of shots in my shop -- the thing took up the entirety of my not-so-big workbench -- and managed to get results. The shots weren't very good; in particular, focusing was difficult with various parts of the camera attempting to dissociate themselves from each other every time I tried to slide the back forward or backward to get focus but it was enough fun that I'll certainly repeat the experiment once I improve the middle part of the camera, either by building a simple (probably German-style) bellows, or at the very least, by making a slightly better pair of sliding boxes out of thin plywood.

Not expecting to take this thing on the road ever, but perhaps I'll build one someday that will allow it.

Just make sure to get holders that fit at the same time you get the camera. 11x14 isn't always standard, especially with the older cameras.

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