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Thread: Dufaycolor photos of London during WW2

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    Dufaycolor photos of London during WW2

    OK it's roll film, but still interesting from a historic viewpoint
    With the shortages going on at the time, I wonder how civilians could justify the expense of color photography and how the wartime economy could supply non-strategic products like color film?
    Perhaps color photography was deemed important for morale on the home front?
    Or did it preserve silver, which would have been a strategic commodity?
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    Re: Dufaycolor photos of London during WW2

    Interesting!!! I also liked the link at the bottom of the page for the vintage WA "selfies"...

    I wondered why some writers call the Europe War a "B/W War", but the Pacific was "color", but the gloom of winter weather would lend itself to B/W... (But lotsa German color early...) But the South Pacific had the light & colors (and often the USMC 8X10 Kodachromes), but many important B/W's, like Rosenthal's famous shot, but...

    I'm confused... I better stop listening to the writers... :-(

    Steve K

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