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Thread: Show off your ULF camera

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    Re: Show off your ULF camera

    I rescued some junk from the Graphic Arts darkroom at a previous employer. I brought home (since traded) a couple Rodagon process lenses. The short one was as I remember (in inches) a 60 inch lens. As my 11x14 camera had at maximum, 5 feet bellows extension, I got rid of the lenses. I brought home some film that was 3x4 feet. Camera was huge, my guess late 70's early 80's.
    I have a friend with a 16x20 process camera. I've always wanted to build it into the back of a van. Vacuum back.

    35x35 makes that the biggest Instamatic of all times!

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    Re: Show off your ULF camera

    Quote Originally Posted by gerry yaum View Post
    Here is my HF3535 (35x35 inch) with 1780 Nikkor lens. The plan is to use this gear for a major cross Canada wet plate project.Attachment 215491
    Wow! What an awesome project! An inspiration, for sure.

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    Re: Show off your ULF camera


    Go Mammoth!

    I am using the same adjustable table as you for my 14X17, looks like you need the longer version!

    Quote Originally Posted by gerry yaum View Post
    Attachment 215490

    Another view of the HF3535.

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