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Thread: Kodak Masterview 8x10 Bellows.

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    Kodak Masterview 8x10 Bellows.

    I have one of these cameras (sans bellows) and I need to order a replacement. Unfortunately, they want EXACT dimensions for the new bellows. Has anyone out there recently ordered a replacement bellows for their Masteview? I would love to have the dimensions.



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    Kodak Masterview 8x10 Bellows.

    I would suggest contacting Camera Bellows in England. Their website is Ask them for the same bellows they've made for Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee as it will allow more movement than the standard bellows. I hope this helps


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    Kodak Masterview 8x10 Bellows.

    Camera Bellows is the way to go. I have seen Kodak Masterviews and other cameras with their bellows and I can tell they are very well made and the material is top quality. My masterview needs a new bellows and I will replace it soon. I think it is about 200 pounds, which is a lot of money. For now I am making do with a darkcloth over the bellows. It works, but not for ever.

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    Kodak Masterview 8x10 Bellows.

    Camera Bellows also asked me for 185 pounds for a 8x10 bellows. I'm sure the work is worth it, but as I can't afford it right now, I too use the dark cloth to wrap the bellows before I actually shoot. It works, but possibly at the expense of some sharpness if the camera isn't rigid enough to fully support the weigth between the two standards.

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    Kodak Masterview 8x10 Bellows.

    We like dealing with Camera Bellows (CB) in England. It seemed their bellows were very fine. But a month ago we were sending some off to be replaced and checked the ones we used last summer, which had been made only a few months before. They had the smallest of pinholes in them. Not many, but there should be none. We sent these bellows to CB. We spoke with them and they report that they make the bellows for Sinar, Toyo, Linhof, and many others and never had this problem. They do recognize that it is a problem. They said the bellows should last 15-20 years without any pinholes. They cannot promise it will not happen again. So far, we have left our bellows there. I'm not sure what to do now.

    To the fellow who started this and who did not have a bellows at all: The bellows frame needs to be with your camera--front and back.

    In a week or two I'll investigate other bellows manufacturers. It seems that no one makes really fine bellows anymore. Difficult situation.

    Michael A. Smith

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    Kodak Masterview 8x10 Bellows.

    Mike, didn't they offer to replace your presumably defective one?

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    Kodak Masterview 8x10 Bellows.

    Camera Bellows is great to deal with. They offered to either replace the bellows or to refund our money 100%--our choice. We may just have them replace the bellows and figure that it was a bad batch of cloth that they received. And if it happens again, to just patch the holes.

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