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Thread: replacement for Epson V 700

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    replacement for Epson V 700

    My Epson V 700 is frequently scanning with vertical streaks. It is also quite shaky with color scans. I would like to upgrade/replace it with more reliable scanner (used). I scan 8x10 B&W and color negative film. Epson's scan quality was acceptable to me. An upgrade in scan quality would be nice but reliability is more important.
    I would prefer to stay with Windows scanner and stay away from wet scanning (drum scanning). 11x14 film scanning capability would be a bonus. I am not familiar with scanners beyond the Epsons. I appreciate all suggestions.

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    Re: replacement for Epson V 700

    I don't think you're going to find a more reliable scanner at a comparable price point. If you can't get your V700 repaired at a reasonable price, a refurbished V700 or V750 might be your best bet.

    Canon's consumer flatbeds won't match the scan quality of the Epson V7xx/V8xx series. If anecdotal reports are any guide, Microtek hasn't been any more reliable than Epson on the whole. And in any case Microtek has pretty much pulled out of the US market, offering very poor support and service at this point.

    My Microtek i800 died recently and Microtek won't repair it. I replaced it with a refurbished V700, which offers somewhat better scan quality and so far has been functioning smoothly. I purchased my V700 refurb from the Epson store; its condition out of the box was like new.

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