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Thread: Paper in Freezer Got Wet, Useable?

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    Paper in Freezer Got Wet, Useable?

    I scored a whole lot of old paper form a closed down photo studio a while ago. I had an empty fridge in the shed so filled it to the brim with tons of paper, including in the freezer.

    I checked it every month or so and when I opened it today there was ice around everything and condensation on the top of the freezer compartment.

    I have taken all the boxes / envelopes out of the freezer to dry off, but the boxes were already damp and will get more wet once the ice melts.

    As most paper is not in sealed packets inside the boxes I am wondering if this paper will be ruined?

    I will test it but thought I would ask here also.

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    Re: Paper in Freezer Got Wet, Useable?

    Difficult answer, but I would wait till the water evaporates completely and then open the boxes to inspect if any water came inside. Then test.
    Next time, sealed bags, wait until rise to room temp to avoid condensation and THEN open the plastic and the box. That's what I do with film, and never had a problem.



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