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Thread: The Kallitype Thread

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    Re: The Kallitype Thread

    I get better clearing if the 1st soak after development is in slightly acidified water. My preferred acid for this is a teaspoon of citric acid in 1/2 liter of tap water.

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    Re: The Kallitype Thread

    Post Commanders Residence, Fort Baker (1903)

    This is an example of Colonial Revival architecture that became popular in the late nineteenth century to the start of WWII. For more information see and

    Platinum-toned kallitype that digital reproduction fails to produce the beautiful subtle tone that becomes apparent with the correct lighting.


    Edit: Reprinted today to correct printing flaws and reduced exposure by 20 seconds.
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    Re: The Kallitype Thread

    A Temporary Resting Place For Travelers... -
    San Francisco.

    "from Kong Chow in south China-referring to the tradition of returning bones to their homeland." I frequently pass this location on my way to and from Crissy Field and photographed it ten or more years back. A recent story on the evening news ( brought it back to light and I looked for it in my unprinted 4x5 negatives. It wasn't there so it must have been a 6x7 negative but I haven't started to look yet. (I wonder if I used the 120 soft focus lens?) At any rate I decided to shoot it again but this time with the 8x10 and print it as a kallitype. I originally intended to use a 14" Veritar lens but the topography wouldn't cooperate so I ended up using a 300mm Imagon instead which I brought along for that eventually. I toned it for 15 minutes in a gold-borax solution which imparts pronounced, but not heavy, apenglow to the sky when viewed at an optimum angle under good lighting conditions. Very interesting location. For a historical overview see: and do follow the links.

    Gold-toned Kallitype.


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