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Thread: The Cyanotype Thread

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    Its been years since I've used a densitometer...but fog looks to be about two zones above "correct" base (can measure this with my spot meter) - but the combination of a five minute exposure induced "reciprocity stretch" of zones, further supported by moderate overdevelopment in HC-110 (midway between dilutions B and H), and the great D-Max offered by Moersch Eco-4812 print developer - and all is well! Have not yet tried this outdated Tri-X with Pyrocat or PMK...expect it to be somewhat of a challenge but I'm sure will show some strengths also. Film's ISO was kept at a relatively high (for its age) 200...and I was careful not to over-correct exposure too much as I did not want to lose more dmax (as translated to print) than necessary. Am basically amazed and impressed by this old film - which I'd "rediscovered" after several moves and life changes...had been stored in hot attics and damp basements for years...that its now giving such great results!
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