Hello all,

A quick question. I've just processed a batch of 4x5 slides. It's provia 100 that expired a few years back and was always kept cool. With the fall colours outside, I'm burning through the boxes and so far all slides came out great, so it is not the film.

Today I did six sheets, five of which came out perfect. One has an issue I've never seen before. It has about one centimeter of image with no cast and than the remainder has a magenta hue. The sheets were all in a jobo drum together (2500 type), so I'm ruling out an issue with the chemicals, temperature or uneven development as this would have impacted the other sheets too.

However, this leaves me wondering what could have happened. The only thing between making the photograph and developing it that I could possibly think of as a cause is the film holder not being flush with the camera on one end letting light in (unlikely, I always double check and shoot a camera that is not prone to poor positioning of film holders). This does not explain how I get a straight line without any diffusion on the slide as it would have bled and why the 1 cm part is fine. Alternatively, it could be that there was a problem with the sheet itself, but in all my years of shooting fuji provia and velvia, I have never once encountered a problem. Not in sheets (4x5 and 8x10) nor in the 120 rolls.

I'll do a scan and upload it once the slides are dry. In the meantime, I'm curious to know whether anyone else has experienced this and / or can explain what could have gone wrong. Thanks!