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Thread: Darkroom Sink help...

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    Re: Darkroom Sink help...

    not sure how space limited you are but a 20" x 60" sink would be too small for me. Also the height is way too low. If I get another darkroom built or expand mine, I'd be looking at an eight foot sink that's goes back about 3 feet. it would be about 6 inches or so deep. ymmv
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    Re: Darkroom Sink help...

    My plywood sink is 29" x 7 1/2' because that fits the space. I don't make prints larger than 8x10. It's 5 1/2" deep, and the front is a 2x6, so it's thick enough to rest my arms on comfortably.

    Yup, height is crucial. I carefully measured what I wanted, and then went to The Shelving Store online and got a 6' set of chrome wire shelves with custom-cut posts to get it to the right height (standard size shelves, room for the drain at one end). Simple, easy, inexpensive, and I have 3 shelves underneath to store junk. Crutch tips on one end, top and bottom, give me enough tilt to drain adequately. My last sink had wood blocks under one end.
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    Re: Darkroom Sink help...

    Quote Originally Posted by jackcollings View Post
    Hi guys,

    First time poster to LFP and just looking for some advice on sinks for darkrooms. I'm looking to build my own so looking for some tips and maybe some design pointers that would be important and handy to have in a colour/B&W developing sink.

    Would love to to hear your suggestions and some criticism and advice on my rough sketch that I've drawn up!



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    If your space is really tight that you cannot afford larger sink I think a Delta ABS sink will be appropriate. Look also for used one, ABS, stainless, on Craiglist or others in your area. It can be a good bargain.
    If you have the space, do the larger you can. An add a backsplash.
    What the wash area is for, for the vertical print washers or only for washing darkroom accessories? A laundry tub can be just fine for that, double size without divider also exist, Mustee do one.
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    Re: Darkroom Sink help...

    Look for used sinks. I just had a nice old fellow give me a 10 foot Arkay SS sink and stand. Room for 4 20 x 24 Paterson trays and then some. I also have a Kreonite fiberglass sink 8 foot , this is the Cadillac, paid $40 for it 30 years ago when all the big Process cameras were going away. I have a great old Kodak book where they are talking about using lead sheet over Cypress, they stressed not to solder but to have the lead welded to avoid corrosion!

    With all the modern materials, treated wood, coatings, you can make just about any size or shape. Sounds like a fun project!

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    Re: Darkroom Sink help...

    Thanks a lot Bruce! Greatly appreciated will be looking using as some what of a bible when I get it!

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    Re: Darkroom Sink help...

    Thank you so much for the in depth knowledge, definitely going to be taking some of your suggestions on board to employ into my own darkroom.

    If I was to do colour what sort of partition would you recommend? What is a print washer this is the first I have heard of them... Are they more beneficial in a home or commercial darkroom?

    Thanks again Doremus I'll be back to the drawing board and fixing up and hopefully creating a great sink!

    Kind Regards,


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    Re: Darkroom Sink help...

    Thanks Nigel, your sink looks great I think I'll be adapting some of your elements into mine for sure! Do you process colour film or just black and white? Just have a few questions with relation to the colour developing and water baths etc.



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    Re: Darkroom Sink help...

    The wash area was still apart of the main sink it was just to divide the water so colour processing temperatures could be more closely monitored. After the advice on here I can definitely see my mistakes and hope to amend them with a new design.

    Thanks for all your help ginette,


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    Re: Darkroom Sink help...

    Jack, just B&W for me.

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