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Thread: Transport lock and info on Heidelberg Nexscan F4200

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    Transport lock and info on Heidelberg Nexscan F4200

    First of all, thanks for all the information on this forum. I have been reading a lot and it's been a big help in my steps into large format photography!

    But now i have a question...

    I can pick up a Heidelberg Nexscan F4200 tomorrow.
    Verry happy with it and searching the net all day for more info on the scanner.
    Specs i can find. But a user or installation manual is not so easy to find.

    Anyone who can point me in the right direction? Any info on the machine is welcome but my first concern is transportation tomorrow. Can i lock the mechanism? What are the do's and don't when transporting this beast?
    I have to load it into my car in about 10 hours and i'm scared of ruin it...!

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    Re: Transport lock and info on Heidelberg Nexscan F4200


    I have the scanner 😀
    Big surprise was the computer they found in the basement.
    Turns out to be the original workstation of the scanner. Plugged everything in and it all works!
    It's a Windows NT computer with Newcolor 7000 software on it.

    I wil use the scanner mostly to scan my 30x40 cm (x-ray) film and the first tests make me smile from ear to ear. What a detail!

    I have to learn the software better. But i can't find much on the web. Anyone who has a link with info or maybe manuals on the software or scanner?
    Would be a big help!

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    Re: Heidelberg Nexscan F4200 service manual


    Does any one out there have a service manual for a Heidelberg Nexscan F4100 Scanner or similar model. The scanner worked great, I moved to a new studio and it stopped working. A technician said I need a service manual. I did contact Heidelberg agent and they were pleasant but of little help, as they no longer support the scanner. I'm based in New Zealand so options are limited. Advice is welcome as to where I might find one.

    Cheers Raoul

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