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Thread: Kodak Flexicolor LORR+LU mixing

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    Kodak Flexicolor LORR+LU mixing

    I read through the archives and I just want to make sure that I am doing the right thing. As I understand it, if I mix the Flexicolor Starter with the Dev/Repl, then I can use the mixture as one shot.

    The question is, for example, Unique Photos sell them as 5L Dev/Repl and 1.2 Starter. Do I use them in that ratio, and get 6.2L solution in the end, or do I mix them at different ratio?

    Please help. Thanks.

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    Re: Kodak Flexicolor LORR+LU mixing

    There should be instructions on the package of the developer replenisher on how much starter + how much replenisher + how much water (if any) = working solution. That's how the regular C-41 developer I use works (non-LORR). Generally in my case, a bottle of starter covers a TON of replenisher, something like 5L of replenisher + 4oz of starter + 18 oz of water = working solution. (not sure on exact formula there, but it's along those lines). I would expect the LORR to be similar. In any case, it should have instructions on it.

    This is the non-LORR developer I use:

    I found it to be the cheapest/best of the KODAK C41 developers. It lasts a good while unmixed (more than a year) with no problems. Mixed it has about a 4-6week shelf life, depending on filling of the bottle, displacing air, etc. I use it 5L at a time.

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    Re: Kodak Flexicolor LORR+LU mixing

    Thanks, I just purchased the LORR Dev/Repl and LU starter. The cost is still way under $1 a sheet (with 250ml per 4x5 sheets) so this is good. The major problem with the Kodak chem is that I can only develop up to 4 sheets at a time as 1L is the max chemistry that the Jobo tank can hold. Trade-off, trade-off... (I like the idea of using separate Bleach and Fix...)

    Please let me know if you locate the mixing proportion for the starter. So far, I read the figure of 14ml of starter to 1L mixed dev/repl.

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    Re: Kodak Flexicolor LORR+LU mixing

    Looks like 30ml starter + some water + replenisher = 1L according to this document:

    14ml is for the non-LORR stuff, from the looks of it (and it's different starter).

    Yes, my C-41 cost is well under $1 sheet also using the regular C-41 process. You can recycle the developer if you want - I don't bother but I do recycle and regenerate the bleach. You can definitely get away with less than 250ml per sheet though. Try using 500ml per 4 sheets and see how that goes. Especially using it one-shot, it's going to be more than fine. My phototherm SSK4 uses 480ml for a 4-roll run and even that I think is more than it needs, but of course the film comes out perfect as expected.

    Separate bleach and fix is definitely the way to go, no question, for many reasons already well-known. It's cheaper to do that way too, since C-41 fix is dirt cheap, but the bleach is expensive, though it can be almost infinitely recycled/regenerated in my experience. And the bleach keeps indefinitely (or seems to), and the fix keeps better too, when separate vs. blix.

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