Hello ULF folks,

Last year I picked up an 8x10 Kodak 2D and have not looked back at my 4x5, except for a few times (when I was lucky enough to receive a handful of polaroid type 57), or any of my smaller format cameras.

Going off some advice I saw in a thread in the ULF forum I'm looking to hopefully find someone in the Iowa City area (or within an hour or two) that has an ULF camera and would be kind enough to spend a day/afternoon/evening showing me the ropes of ULF. I'm trying to gauge whether or not moving up to 11x14 or 14x17 might be worth it and don't have nearly enough cash to buy a setup on a whim and hope it works out. I'm mostly into portraiture so that would be ideal but really any genre will work.

I am willing to travel and pay for consumables; also, if 11x14 is the size then I've got a couple boxes of Ilford paper and would be satisfied making some paper negatives as it's what I do now with 8x10.

You can message me on here or throw me an email -- turner(dot)david(at)gmail(dot)com