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Thread: DIY Open Source Field Camera Design

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    Re: DIY Open Source Field Camera Design

    Hi I would be interested in your drawings please as I would like to make 4 x 5 camera

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    Re: DIY Open Source Field Camera Design

    MACKE, AFAIK Tim never completed the plans he started (post 183, above). He hasn't posted here in over a year, but you could try sending him an email to find out if he ever finished the drawings (left-click his name for his email).

    If you can provide a little more info about your motivation for building a 4x5 and your planned uses (need for camera movements) then I (and other members) can provide some advice and options.

    For example, you can build from scratch, starting with building a spring back around a 4x5 film holder. [here is a thread on a 7x11 camera build I did earlier this year: https://www.largeformatphotography.i...1#post1495465]

    You could buy a relatively inexpensive Intrepid 4x5.

    You could buy a vintage 4x5 and modify it, if needed.

    Each option has its advantages. Also, if you want to build your own, do you want to use wood or 3D printing, or some other method?

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