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Thread: Durst L1200 focusing rod question

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    Durst L1200 focusing rod question

    Hi all

    Looking for Durst Laborator 1200 enlarger i noticed that it comes with or without focusing rod tool. I`m quite sure that focusing rod is vital for fine and comfortable focusing procedure so the question is should i looking for "build in" focusing rod Durst model, or maybe there is a trick to upgrade models without rod ? Also maybe someone could explain me what are the major differences between L1200 with and without rod....non rod focusing Dursts1200 are older types or what ?

    many thanks

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    Re: Durst L1200 focusing rod question

    Focus extension, autofocus and/or motorized focus are nice but not needed on most 4x5 enlargers. It depends on how big you want to print. 11x14" prints with a 135mm lens should place the head near the middle of the column; in easy reach. I have long arms and I can just reach the focus knob on my 4x5 enlarger with the head at the top. Having said that my 8x10 enlarger requires motorized focus.

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    Re: Durst L1200 focusing rod question

    Quote Originally Posted by ic-racer View Post
    Focus extension, ...... 8x10 enlarger requires motorized focus.
    Or a focus extension rod tool.........You can typically make one using a flexible tool extension available at most tool suppliers which I prefer to the Durst ones which are a solid tube (at least mine was on the Durst SM-183). Not sure what the L1200 looks like, but I suspect it's similar. It was so useful, I have no idea where I stashed it! The LPL one is also flexible, and it may be possible to adapt it to the Durst. L

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