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Thread: cadet wide angle - tilt?

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    cadet wide angle - tilt?


    if i mount a 47mm xl on the cadet wide. can someone tell me how much front tilt I could possibly get
    if the the standards are 60mm apart until the standards touch?


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    cadet wide angle - tilt?

    Sammy! Hi! By triangulation and burning incense, I can estimate closely that you will be able to use a forward tilt of 30 degrees @ f/22, assuming you put the center mounting block at the back of the rail and push the standards as close together as the bellows allow. However, having owned three 47mm Super Angulon, I have never had to use that radical a tilt. At f/22, the d.o.f. is 2' to infinity. Just the slightest tilt will extend that enormously - the Scheimpflug Principle we all use.

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