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Thread: Opinions/Experience thus far on the Epson V850?

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    Opinions/Experience thus far on the Epson V850?

    Hey all,

    I've been looking to get a flatbed to do "proof" scans to analyze whether something is worth scanning on the Aztek, along with small stuff/occasional scans that do not require the drum scanner's resolution potential(or time involved in mounting). I DO want to be able to print(say up to 11x14's) from originals (MF film up to 5x7"). I was also looking at the Epson wet-mount tray, since I've found a noticed increase in scan quality when wet mounting(on a drum scanner, no less).

    Anyhow, I wanted to check in here, since there are many "opinionated" members here, and wanted to gauge what some folks who might have the scanner think of it thus far

    -In terms of software, which do you feel is the most user-friendly, but also allows for full, manual control? I shoot primarily color film(both chrome and neg).

    I do not use Digital I.C.E., hence the wetmounting.


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    Re: Opinions/Experience thus far on the Epson V850?

    Even Epson Scan will let you scan a negative as a 16 bit per channel positive, which gives you the most control to do the inversion in Photoshop etc. I'm of the opinion that the scanning software should be trusted as little as possible.

    I print at 11x14 from V700 scans (using the normal holder) of 4x5 all the time, so I'd say the V850 would probably do at least as well.

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