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Thread: Epson F-3200 film scanner

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    Re: Epson F-3200 film scanner

    Quote Originally Posted by buzzardkid View Post
    Close to 14 years later, how has the Epson F3200 held up? Anyone still using it, and are your results satisfactory?
    After retiring, finally found the time to go after the large stock of mostly B&W MF negatives left over from my parents, shot on Ikonta and Rolleiflex cameras.
    Thanks to Vuescan, there is a workable driver for the F-3200 even for the latest MacOS, and if you find the right "color" setting for the negative to positive conversion, the results are o.k.
    With respect to the usage of the scans, i.e. display on a 4k computer monitor, I have restricted myself to 1600dpi which seems appropriate both in terms of the resolution on the negs and the capability of the F-3200, avoiding to create too large files with little usable content.
    Definitely, the CFL lighting is old technology, but so far I did not see any limitation due to the F-3200, as I have seen with actual scanners of the same price range.
    So, yes, it was a good decision to buy this scanner almost 17 years ago.

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    Re: Epson F-3200 film scanner

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Hunt View Post
    I want a dedicated film scanner for formats to 4x5, and the new Epson F-3200 is in my price category at 599 in UK, but I don't know of anyone who's used it.

    Maybe it's not in the Hasselblad/Imacon league but I'd want it to be clearly better than a flat bed.

    Does anyone know it first hand or has heard how it does?
    This scanner seems to be a 17 years old design. Will it work with your current computer operating software? Why buy old technology? Warranty? Technology?

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